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  • Aligera

    Aligera AB invests in and operates commercial wind farms. Income is based on selling green, renewable, energy, as well as elcertificates subsidy system. Currently the the company operates some 20 turbines, mainly 2,5-3 MW capacity, producing 140 million kWh per year, enough to supply 10 000 villas with heating and electricity and reducing carbon dioxid with 150 000 tons per year. The ambition is to build an asset portfolio with a long term perspective that generates large cash flows and contributes to the expansion of renewable energy. Qamcom values it’s contribution to a greener and more sustainable society and has a desire to play a role in the environmental transition towards green energy. Visit web page here

  • Amparo Solutions

    Amparo Solutions offers National Road Administrations, municipalities and companies solutions in the area of traffic safety and traffic management. Amparo focuses on traffic technology, offering a broad product portfolio. Skilled engineers and strategic partners guarantee optimal solutions within Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Visit the webpage here

  • Qamcom technology

    Qamcom Research & Technology (QRT) is a system house and expert consultant company focusing on advanced technology development and consulting services within the areas of communication technology and signal processing, analog and digital circuit design (FPGA/ASIC/RFIC/MMIC), and high voltage systems. In addition, QRT works with testing of such systems and also in more general terms, extending to more traditional software testing and methodology development. Visit web page here

  • Layer 10

    Layer 10 is an IT consultant company offering services within a wide competence area, reaching from hardware-/software development to infrastructure. The expertise of Layer 10 is not to deliver finished solutions or products, but rather the right human capital needed for technical intensive customers to be successful. As a subsidiary of Qamcom Research & Technology, Layer 10 also works as a gateway for engineers with genuine interest of communication, signal processing and the expanding profession of testing. Visit web page here

  • Acnosense

    Acosense develops and sells Acospector Acoustic Chemometer, a Clamp-on instrument measuring complex fluids in the process industry, delivering analysis previously thought difficult or impossible to obtain. The innovative technique can measure a multitude of properties simultaneously and delivers accurate measurements even on opaque, viscous or corrosive fluids. With no unnecessary stops in production and more reliable measuring results production can be optimized and product quality enhanced. Measurements impossible to obtain by conventional methods are now possible. In addition you create a safer work environment without expensive and risky alterations of existing production processes and equipment. Visit web page here

  • zerply

    Zerply is a community of creatives, connecting creative freelance people with the companies that has their next big challenge in store. As a creative member of the Zerply community, you promote your previous work in a concrete and specific way that enables companies to find exactly the talent they need for their next project. Zerply is a California-based company started in 2010.
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  • Bobby

    Bobby puts media in motion, finding solutions to all sorts of situations. Like most, Bobby is convinced that engaging moving content is the best choice in most communication situations. Therefore the company have specialised in the creation of moving content. With the ambition to make any story shine, Bobby produces film, 3D, motion graphics etc. Finally the company is unique in figuring out how to get the right content to the right audience through the right channel.
    Visit web page here

  • Reducero

    Reducero is a technology company that builds smart and powerful products for people to explore and compare different financial services.
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  • Infotech

    After a successful exit from the broadband network and infrastructure industry, Infotech i Väst AB is now a pure investment portfolio with shares in listed and unlisted companies. The company holds major stakes in, and more.

  • P&A

    P&A (Shanghai) Vocational Education Faculty Limited is the bridge between Western and Chinese Vocational Universities for Applied Science. Chinese Vocational Universities are underdeveloped and immense efforts are underway to increase and assure quality to provide skilled students for labour. P&A works to exchange competence on all levels providing teachers training and western education as well as certification of schools, programs, curricula, teachers and BSc students. The company is based in Shanghai.

  • Revibe Engery

    ReVibe Energy offers the ability to power your sensor system without using batteries or cables - we enable a complete autonomous sensor system! This will save the end user money in terms of less money being invested on installing cables and/or the man hours for replacing batteries on a continuous basis.”
    Sounds good?

  • Sigmastocks

    Sigmastocks visions is to provide a simple, cheap alternative for long-term savers to invest. We create stock portfolio distributions for customers to mirror, making it possible for them to manage their assets themselves for a fraction of what it would cost to invest through a mutual fund. This is executed through the use of financial mathematics.
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  • Proleads

    ProLeads is the holy grail of social selling. We provide a set of tools for B2B companies to reduce their customer acquisition cost and increase conversion rates on closing new business. Our mission is to build the world’s leading social selling platform. Whatever tools sales people need - we'll engineer the best solution!
    ProLeads started in Gothenburg but is now based in San Francisco.
    Visit web page here

  • Blink Services

    Blink Services drives the development of digital Smart City solutions with the goal of creating secure, sustainable and efficient communities. We offer connectivity and scalable services to facilitate the digitization process in which we are in. The Internet of Things technology means that efficiency increases with time and cost savings as a profit. We call it a sensor managed monitoring. With the help of connected sensors, we can measure and monitor the features we want – both easy and affordable!
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  • Parakey

    Parakeet allows developers to include an access control solution for physical areas with a robust, easy to use, API. A modern access solution for new and existing systems, based on a could service, hardware and an App.
    - The cloud brings safety, management and distribution of digital keys to smartphones.
    - The small hardware platform is the bridge between a door and a smartphone.
    - The App controls the users right to access or location based notifications, online or offline.
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    The assignment is about FPGA development for efficient memory usage.

  • Urinkollen

    Urinary tract infections in women is common and causes pain and discomfort. Over 50% of all women are at some point diagnosed with a urinary tract infection that requires antibiotic treatment and 30% gets a new infection within six months. is a new and unique service that provides women the opportunity to get antibiotics prescription for urinary tract infection by answering medical questions online with your smartphone or computer. Thus avoiding long queues at the health center and saving valuable physician time.